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Basically This Page Is To Give You The Low Down On Movies.
So In Dummy Terms I'll Tell Ya If They Sucked Or Not!

Movie Reviews


This Move suck alot of shit!! it was horrible. There were only 3 good parts and they were only like 5 minutes long, so you had to sit through a boring ass movie just to see a whole 15 minutes of creepy gooie gory fun stuff!! But i'll have to admit, the last 10 minutes totally kicked and was gastly discusting (thats why i liked it. I Rate this movie as a 1 1/2. -posted 5/31/01


Korn-Issues Released:1999

This is a Great CD!! I'm sure Korn fans everywhere agree. It's fresh and new, and gives you a new perspective on Korn, and makes you realize, that they wont be old for a long long time!-posted 05/31/01