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Life Is Peachy

Released: 10/15/96

MY Favorite Song: A.D.I.D.A.S

(Scat Version)

you not rrrh rot
dot n dot n dot per rot
dot n not n dot per

n dot chi cot n dot rrr ah
dot dot ki o ma gri a dot
dot ers a pa ta ko

some play to we
a dot think up a bite rah
sometimes you might
ooh ooh rrrh
we thought we might

dot be mer hot something
what are you ma ah
do bro what are mines is
dot ooh ooh
rot in dot n bite
ooh na na er na he
woo hoo rah
ate no hoo dot er ha
ya dot im wer rah

(Lyrics Version )

You're not the right one dumb damn rapper
Not the right goddamn
Who are you to rap shit take off
And who says you're right
On top you think you'r bomb artista
But you're bent out of oooo right
Suck my dick
But don't you think that you're oooo right
Sometimes things might make me ooo ooo it makes me mad
And when it happens fuck it
Rugged in mind a hint by bite
Why does it not exist in you?
Right, shit, why hit in yet another day
Woo hoo right
It's not woo hoo right
But you'r wrong


Put me in right now make mad
Prove that you're right
Somehow you're not right, huh
But that doesn't make me mad
Right now you're beggin' for a little brew
All night
Yeah it's so simple
I had some Red Dog, you hand over it




Buried so far away
In to my life of nothing

Sick of the same ol' thing,
so I dig a hole and bury the pain
Sick of the same ol' thing,
so I dig a hole and bury the pain

I am so high, always
Burying my life so slowly


It opens my mind to feelings
Can't face bottom without something


We enter in my head
Feeling like I'm God
With the world around me
Can't you feel this pain
reaming through my heart
screaming through my veins
nothing I can kill
The stinging of my heart, aah
Can't you feel my heart, ahh
Can't you take my heart...away
Tired heart



Why can't I decide
why my feelings I hide?
Always screwing with my mind
that thorn in my spine
Oh sure, it feels fine
wasting all our time
In the back of my mind
That thorn in my spine

Wait to see it before my eyes
Why? don't I turn grey?

Looking all the time
at your face so blind
Feeling uptight
always the same fight
Hey man, now decide
go ahead take your time
Kissing all the time
That thorn in my spine

Wait You can't even see my side
Why? do you play yourself out 'dat way?
Why? You and me always hang
Wait Weren't you were my friend?

The pain in which I feel, I feel

Hey man look inside
know your need to your own life
Remember me, guy?
That thorn in your spine
Waiting all the time
I'm doing mighty fine
Remember me guy?
That thorn in your spine



Fuck yes

Always I'm locked in my head
No pain,
you don't know what I have had
By now, I'm so for sure
Right now, I am yours

My sorrow, I swallow
Follow me, oh hell no

It came unknown to me
Paranoid is controlling all of me
Somehow, a terror so pure
Right now, shit I'm yours

My sorrow, I swallow
Follow me all, oh hell no
Wasn't me, I swallow
Forive me, I don't know
Oh hell no...

This thing I follow
The place, I just get to fuckin' go
A freak, that I'm sure
A freak, that is yours


Punk ass sissy I'm a freak...

Porno Creep

Pleasant things I feel

Good God

You came into my life without a single thing
I gave into your ways which left me with nothing
I've given into smiles, I've dealt with all your games
I wish you're happy now, I had to let you win

Why don't you get the fuck out of my face, now
Why don't you get the fuck out of my face, now

In the sea of life, you're just a minnow
You live your life insecure
I feel the pain of your needles
As they shit into my brain

I scream without a sound
How could you take away
eveything that I was?
Left me a fuckin slave
Your face that I despise
Your heart inside that's gray
I came today to say, you're fucked in every way


In the sea of life, you're just a minnow
You live your life insecure
I feel the pain of your needles
As they shit into my mind
You stole my life without a sign
You sucked me dry


Mr. Rogers

Boomerang, Zoomerang, Doomerang

The time has come to realize what you are, what you've done inside
The time has come, we'll have something to talk about
I will tell [too]

Looking back...dumb
And now I realize...old man
how much you really liked him...dumb
This child's mind you terrorized...old man
You came to him...dumb
He really didn't know your lies...old man
Now, his innocence gone...dumb
He's that child you terrorized...old man

This fucking thing that I know, it came to me and you
This fucking thing that I know, because of you
My childhood is gone, because I loved you
My childhood is gone, because I loved you

Be my neighbor

Looking back...child
And now I realize...fucker
How much you really loved him...child
This child's mind you hypnotized...fucker
You came to him...child
You really didn't know his lies...fucker
Now, his innocence gone...child
I'm that child you terrorized...fucker


Fred you told me that everybody was my neighbor
They took advantage of me, like I took a trip anywhere
I wish I wouldn't have watched you, I really mean it
My childhood, a failure
What a fuckin neighbor

I hate you, I will tell [too]


This fucking thing that I feel
This fucking thing that I feel
My childhood is gone
My childhood is gone

I will tell...


Fuck you titty suckin, two balled bitch
With a fat bruised clit
My big compoto bitch
Oh shit, fucking, ass licking, piss sucking, cunt
These nuts on your lips
Kentucky fried kung-pao clits

I don't know what to say
So what don't give up on me now (don't give a fuck) (don't get off on me)
I don't know what to say, so what

Saggy tits swinging between your fat, crusty arm pits
Big ass hairy mole between your pussy lips
Cunt, shit, cock, dick, cunt, tit, barf, piss, balls, ass, pecker, queef
Oh shit, fuck, bitch, damn fuckin diarhea slut, with HIV


I have fought to find something to say,
But now I found something to say
Fuck you!, Punk ass bitch



No Place to Hide

Ha Ha Ha

I see your faces and I do not understand why
Each time I dream you standin there, right by my side
Why do you make me, you take my pride
And in my eyes you kinda rape me, inside

I have no place to run and hide
I have have no place to hide which I like

Some look at the time, I looked back into my life
You want to touch me to see what's in my eyes
Why do you make me remember all the hate all its shame
Don't you hate me, sometimes?


I have no place to run, so come on follow me

I don't know where to run, so come on follow me

I have no place to run
...which I like



Yo Chuck, we got runnin mixes, gimme the headphones...


Ha Ha 1..2..3 and I come with the wicked style
and you know that I'm from the wicked crew, you act like you knew
But I got everybody jumping to the voodoo
You kickin wicked rhymes, picket signs, while me and my mob got a trunk full of 9's
Drop then I'll slay ya, bang, bang, birthday for the A-hole
Ready to Buck Buck Buck but it's a must to Duck Duck Duck
Before I bust ya
Looking for the one that did it
You want my vote, no your never gonna get it
Cause I'm the one with the tight mad skills
And I won't choke like the Buffalo Bills, Sittin at the pad just chillin
Larry Parker just got 2 million, Oh what a fucking feeling
That nigger done past me the peel, and I slam dunk it like Shaquille O'neal
Wicked, Wreckin
Baby, I'll rock that tassle baby, take it... cos I'm

'Cause I get Wicked, somebody outta keep on the volume
Yes I Wicked, somebody outta keep on the volume
Yes I Wicked, somebody outta keep on the volume
But now I'm in your face, so you'll keep on the volume

Don't say nothing just listen
Got me, got me a plan to break Tyson out of prison
You going my way you get served
Still got a deuce then I bunny hop the curb
Nappy head, nappy chest, nappy chin, never seen with a happy grin
Gotta fat frown cause I'm down, so take a look around
All you see is big black boots, stepin, use my steel toe as a weapon
And it's awfully quiet, you want to live with this nigger, to with the stick
Ah, but that's nasty, cause I got a Body Count like Ice-T
From here to New York I get them skins, and I ain't talking about pork
Your sly, you pig, dig
Listen from the flow from a soul fro'ed caucasion
Ah, who didn't know I was as funky as Wilson Picket
but ya talkin...


People wanna know how come I get a gat
and I'm sitting at the window like Malcolm
Ready to bring that noise and kinda trigger happy like the Ghetto Boyz
December 29th was power to the people, y'all might just see a sequel
'Cause police got equal, hey, A horse is a pig that don't fly straight
I'm doin Daryl Gates but it's Willie Willams, I'm down with the pilgrims
I'm threw with the pig, so I think the job is dead, get out...



Honestly, somehow it always seems that I'm dreamin' of something that I can never be
It doesn't bother to me, 'cause I will always be that pimp that i see
in all of my fantasies

I don't know your fucking name.
So what, let's...

Screaming to be the only way that I can truly be free from my fucked up realities,
so I turn and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my face staring back at me.

I don't know your fucking name.
So what, let's fuck.

All Day I Dream About Sex
All Day I Dream About fuckin'


Low Rider

This is the Caco


All my friends drive a lowrider
and the lowrider is a little lower

Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with me

Shit...aww shit, aww shhhiitt, awwww...yup...

Ass Itch

I hate writing shit, it is so stupid
What's my problem today?
Maybe I'm depressed,
Maybe I'm helpless to what comes out my hand

I hate writing shit, it is so stupid
Why do I feel this way?
Feelings in my heart
I'm in way too far
Can't it won't go away

Before long my song is dying

I hate writing shit
Ain't looking forward to it
What's fucked up, today?
Writing all this time
Feeling all that's mine
Come right out my hand

Before long my song is dying

Tell me now, I want to know
Is it me inside you see?
Ahh, it isn't fair
I gotta let this song inside me...free...

Set me free
It just set me free
It just set me free

Before long my song is dying

That's why I died, this lie, I try

Kill You

Live'n life, don't you cry
My life, pain is God
Many nights, painful thoughts occur
Yell at me, again I'm wrong

In denial, I tried to be your friend
I tried to be a good boy

All I see, a hate deep inside
Startle me, someone save me

Now these memories, fill my heart, they bury me

All I wanna do
You are not my real mother
Is kill you
should I beat and stab and fuck her

Looking back I was never ever right
You were my step-mom who always wanted me out of your sight
I would come walkin' in and I'd say hello,
but you'd slap me and you make some fucked up comment about my clothes,
then I tried to let it pass, but the visions in my head,
were with you with a knife up your ass, laying dead,
so I pop some more caps in your ass,
Now your son is not so fun
Motherfucking bitch
Never try to play me

You made my life not so good

All I wanna do...is kill you


Wish you were dead now

How can I cry over someone I never loved?
How can I cry over someone I never loved?
Never loved...