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2000 Tour

Just Because I Went.

Just to make you remember.

Date Location Venue

07/18/00 Fargo, ND Fargo Dome
07/19/00 La Crosse, WI La Crosse Center Arena
07/21/00 Moline, IL Mark of the Quads
07/22/00 Green Bay, WI Brown County Arena
07/24/00 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg Arena
07/25/00 Saskatoon, SK Sasketchewan Palace
07/27/00 Calgary, AB Canadian Airlines Saddledome
07/28/00 Edmonton, AB Skyreach Center
07/30/00 Vancouver, BC GM Place
07/31/00 Kelowna, BC Kelowna Arena
08/04/00 Boise, ID Idaho Center Arena
08/05/00 Seattle, WA (Radio Show)
08/07/00 akersfield, CA Centennial Arena
08/08/00 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre
08/09/00 Las Vegas, NV Thomas and Mack
08/11/00 San Antonio, TX Alamo Dome
08/12/00 El Paso, TX Don Haskins
08/13/00 Albuquerque, NM Tingley Coliseum
08/16/00 Biloxi, MI Mississippi Coast Coliseum
08/18/00 Pittsburgh, PA Starlake Amphitheatre
08/19/00 Cleveland, OH CSU Arena
08/20/00 Detroit, MI The Palace

Set List
Falling Away From Me
It's On
Got The Life
Ball Tongue
Good God
Make Me Bad
Shoots and Ladders (w/Justin intro)
Freak on a Leash
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Somebody Someone
Kill You